Project Work
Based on the inspection and diagnosis is presented that our projects are designed and formatted. We take into account some social environmental factors. 
• Type of the built environment, allocation and use, degree or intensity of human presence or other living animals or plants.
• Distribution of the internal environment in subdivisions specified by type of use.
• Dominant characteristics peculiar people who inhabit or frequent the environment.
• Location and direct or indirect relation with neighbors and public areas. 
• Relationship between the found and potential pests and their surroundings, for the assurance that a control action located not encourage transfers weeds. 
• Detailed inspection of the site 

 • Gather information from witnesses who lives and who lives on site.
• Analysis of information and findings to the formation of diagnosis.
• Programming activities according to the structure of the site.
• Selection of the active ingredient recommended.
• Explanation to the customer, process, characteristics and care.
• Preparation of operational spaces. 
Applications themselves according to the methods required.
•Reduction of "marks" operational.
• Inspection of the final work.
• Providing technical report conclusive and comprehensive.
Scheduled • eavesdropping.


Most of the combat, control and monitoring of Urban Pests are always performed by application of chemicals, such as isolation or in combination with other means.

A chemical application, indoors, and much frequented with a multi-pollutant factors and requires a rigorous professional training in both the selection of each chemical, as in her strength and form of administration. 
Selection Criteria
The origin. The manufacturer shall be of recognized ability in research, production and marketing of this substance.
The product. The active ingredient must be the best in the relationship between efficiency and addressed the broader and less toxic environment.
Applications. Define, prepare and implement an active ingredient has to consider, in addition to high efficacy and low toxicity, environmental suitability of a specific and more appropriate presentation.

Preparations. All preparations of substances are made by professional qualified by academic training and experience more consistent run.


(Personal Protective Equipment)
• Respiratory masks filter with maximum security.
• Eyewear compatible with transparent acrylic shade.

• hood that covers the entire head and neck and shoulder wrap.
• Shirt and pants, or overalls, flexible material and waterproof, with long sleeves.
• Gloves highly flexible and waterproof, long-barreled.
• Protective feet defined as the design and location.



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